Pudelpointer Puppies

For the field and the home.

Whether you are looking for a skilled hunting dog or a faithful family dog, the Pudelpointer is everything you’ve been searching for. A cross of a German poodle and an English pointer, the breed is well known to be one of the best – if not the very best – versatile hunting breeds available. As intelligent and adept as Pudelpointers are in the field, they are an equally excellent companion in the home. There is no better breed for both a gun dog and a family dog.

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Bowman Kennels: A Family Operation

Steve Bowman comes from five generations of hunters and outdoorsmen. Born in the middle of the Heartland in Kansas, Bowman now resides in Tennessee and has hunted across the USA. Bowman raised his children the same way he was raised – in the great outdoors. The family has owned and trained various breeds of dogs over the years, including border collies for moving cattle and labs for retrieving. It was his combined passions for the outdoors, hunting, his family, and dogs that started Bowman on the search for a dog that would be both the perfect hunting partner and family companion. What he found was the Pudelpointer – and Bo.

Upcoming Litter!

A new litter of Pudelpointer puppies will be born soon at Bowman Kennels. The parents are Bo and Hope.

Bowman Kennels Pudelpointer Puppies

Bo is our Sire (Male)

He is brown with furnishings. Bo has a perfect score on NA (Natural Ability Test) with a prize 1.

Hope is our Dam (Female)

She is black with furnishings. Hope has a Prize 3 in NA.

Bo's Story

Bowman Kennels Pudelpointer Puppies

“Since my outdoor adventures included many different activities, I’ve searched for one breed that was versatile enough to excel in a variety of activities. It also had to be a great fit for my family, including children and grandchildren. After extensive research, my choice for the perfect versatile companion was the Pudelpointer. I then began a search to find my new partner. Most breeders I spoke with had a long waiting list, some up to two years.

I got lucky and located a breeder on the Colorado/Wyoming border that had just had a litter. I immediately secured a male puppy. Once the pup was 8 weeks old, I traveled over 1,200 miles one way to get my pup. Since that time, Bo has been all I desired and more. He is my daily companion. From tracking, pointing, retrieving, and the occasional fishing trip, Bo has never disappointed. He is also the perfect family dog since he is hypoallergenic and has limited shedding. From oldest to youngest, the whole family fell in love with Bo.

Bowman Kennels Pudelpointer Puppies

I joined the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and entered Bo in the natural ability test. This was both of our first time at the formal field test with judges from across the country. Bo was only 12 months old. When we arrived, everyone was nice and welcomed us even though we were definitely the green horns. The test consists of several events that test for use of nose, search, water, pointing, tracking, desire to work, and cooperation. There was a possible 112 points. At the day’s end, Bo had achieved a perfect score of 112! This is a testament of how trainable the breed is. Most are truly natural and instinctive with training. I was so proud of Bo. We were congratulated by everyone, including the judges. Being our first event, I told everyone that Bo taught me, not the other way around.

Since that time, I have acquired other high performing Pudelpointers and started Bowman Kennels. Our goal is to produce outstanding versatile hunting companions who are true family members. I want others to experience the joy these dogs have brought to my family.”

- Steve Bowman, Founder


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