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Our Training Program

At Bowman Kennels, we believe that every dog needs a job. Bring out your dog’s natural ability and maximize its full potential with our training program.

Our 3-month gun dog training course highlights the key points of a well - rounded hunting companion. Your dog will get ample time working with our trainer(s) in the field, and in our indoor arena to put the foundation work on your dog, and have them ready for your next hunting excursion.

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What’s Learned


We will teach your dog the art of pointing in real world scenarios, and have them steady to flush.


Dogs will be shown how to track fallen animals, and locate live birds in the field.

Intro to water (Climate permitting)

We will give our trainees the confidence they need to become strong swimmers, and water retrievers.


Your dog will learn the necessary commands in a controlled environment.

Gun Introduction

We will condition your dog to loud noises and gun fire.

More about our program

The methods we use for this program are the same as what we use on our own dogs. They have been proven effective in the time and frequency our training sessions are conducted.

In order to maximize the full potential your dog has to offer; they will board with us for the duration of the training program. During your dog’s board, they will be kept in a climate-controlled stall, and have access to an outdoor run. They will also be kept on our feeding and exercise schedule we have set for our operation.

Before our trainees depart from our facility, their owners will have an opportunity to observe and learn what was taught. This is to ensure the continued success of your dog!

Training Testimonials

“We here at Gunny’s and I personally wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to Steve Bowman and his team at Bowman kennels for the emergency assistance with our pup Gunny. We all have primary jobs that mandate travel globally for a few more years, so from time to time we rely on trainers to assist in training and testing and housing of our pups. Gunny was with a trainer that wasn't interested in completing the NA test requirements or training our pup that were stipulated as a condition of his training contract with us amongst other issues. As it came to our attention that Gunny wasn't ready for his NA test and about to timeout, we called Steve. Steve and his family were able to move their schedule around and immediately take Gunny in just three weeks from the last NA test available before the 16 months deadline. Bowman's worked Gunny everyday along with pouring food and medical care, love and attention to our beloved pup. He was able at great cost to himself in 21 days to turn a dire situation around training Gunny's to a high Prize in the NA test. This by all metrics was and is still a miracle, Gunny is now healthy with a solid muscle profile and well on his way under Bowman’s training program to a high UT field score. We here at Gunny's owe Steve a huge debt of gratitude, if you are looking for a world class trainer who lives and breathes dog training look no further than Bowmans Kennels under Steve Bowman and his family. ”

Caleb R. - Owner
Gunny’s German Pudelpointer’s

I contacted Brittany at Bowman Kennels after hunting around for a Pudelpointer breeder. I made the arrangement to get on a waiting list for a relatively smooth coat male pup. My priority was that I wanted a strong upland game hunter, after a about 2 years and several intermediate contacts from Brittany, she informed me that they had a successful breeding with the potential for a smooth coat pup. On Nov. 7th 2021 I received a call from Brittany that a litter had been delivered. There was a male solid liver color and no furnishings, a smooth coat.
On New Year’s Day I traveled from South Carolina to Bowman Kennel and met Steve and Brittany for the first time. I was impressed with the kennel and the kindness of Steve and Brittany. At that time, I spoke with Steve about his training program. We decided that he could help me with the pup's hunting training on my schedule. At that time, I did not know how important our conversation would be. Within a months’ time I got notice that I would require immediate heart surgery. That issue would compromise my ability to do field training for several months. I contacted Steve and was able to bring the pup back to Bowman Kennel in June 2022. The pup was 8 months old at this point. I made it back to get the pup in September. I spent the afternoon with Steve and watched the pup work under Steve's direction. He was already pointing and holding on birds. He also showed no intimidation from gunshots. A promising success !!
The pup's name is Phantom Seven, Seven for short. He received the name because of his color and his ability to move as if he is a shadow. Seven because I was 70, my birthday is 07/21 and I got a phone call from Brittany on Nov. 7th that the pup had been born. The phone buzzed from Brittany moments after I had harvested a 7-point buck. I was also Lucky to have decided on Bowman Kennel and meeting my friend Steve Bowman it was a natural to call the dog Phantom Seven, A side note I have been able to continue his field training. Seven and I go hunting every weekend. Seven is convincing me that he is a natural as well.

Rich S.

Was a great experience from start through arrival and still ongoing. I bought my pup at sight unseen after doing months and months of research on breeders and talked with several before talking with Steve. He answered all of my questions and sent me photos and FaceTimed with me to show the facility and the puppies before buying my dog. Due to travel restrictions where I was at, I had to wait several months before my doggo could be shipped up here. He worked with and trained him for months before shipping him to me. They continually answered my calls, video chats and sent me photos and videos of my dog throughout his training. Bowman Kennels really does care about the health, stability and adaptability of their dogs. They also are interested in maintaining relationships and hunting with them as well.

Taven L.

I recently got my dog back from 2 months of training with Steve Bowman. The whole experience was great. Steve explained the process and did exactly what he said, no surprises. His positive reinforcement training methods are awesome. It’s a pleasure running training drills with Hagen now. I can’t wait for the season to open.

Zack B.

Thank you Bowman Kennels for our boy Goose! Brittany and Steve were such a pleasure to work with. I was impressed by the communication we received during the entire process, as Brittany updated us with plenty of photos and videos along the way. Steve got our dog started with a 4-month field training, and still stays in touch to give advice on continuous training. Our boy Goose has the sweetest personality and is incredibly bird driven. He will make a great family/hunting companion.

Tony C.


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